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Elevator Fire Rated Doors Can Play A Role
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Because the fire doors in the corridor are closed, the smoke is locked up and the normal lives of residents are not affected. According to the usual fire-fighting experience, firefighters believe that if the fire doors are not closed, smoke will probably diffuse in the corridors. Households in the buildings will suffer a lot of torment and they may even have to make an emergency evacuation. As a tool for daily residents to go upstairs and downstairs, the safety performance of elevators is of utmost importance.

According to firefighters, fire rated doors can prevent the penetration, spread and spread of fireworks, and can effectively cut off the spread of fire and the diffusion of smoke in the event of a fire. During the planning and design of residential buildings, fire rated doors will be installed according to different building layouts and requirements.

In order to ensure that the fire rated doors can play a role in the event of a fire, there are special requirements during the maintenance and use. For example, normally closed fire rated doors must be kept closed. Normally-open rated fire doors can be normally linked and closed during a fire.

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