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Elevator Industry Development Analysis
- Mar 26, 2018 -

The combination of the internet of things technology and the elevator system can effectively solve the problem of elevator safety monitoring and reflect the development trend of technology intelligence in China's elevator industry. The application of the Internet of Things technology in the field of elevators will play an important role in building an elevator information system, realizing intelligent elevator safety supervision and promoting the development of the elevator industry. It enables effective information and data exchange among elevator enterprises, quality supervision departments, maintenance companies, parts companies, property companies, elevator passengers and real estate companies, thereby realizing intelligent management of elevators and ensuring the operation of elevators. The reliability. On the one hand, once the elevator fails, it can be found in time, and can analyze the cause of the fault by using a large number of elevator operation data to improve the maintenance efficiency. On the other hand, the key information is monitored in real time during the elevator operation.

If some parameters are abnormal, Advance maintenance in advance to avoid elevator failures, effectively improve elevator safety, and ensure passenger safety. Therefore, the elevator IoT has become a new profit point for many companies in the field of safety maintenance. More and more manufacturers will introduce the Internet of Things technology into the elevator system, which is also one of the major development directions of the elevator market in the future.

In the future, elevator manufacturers will only continue to increase capital input, effectively integrate elevator technology with IoT technology, continuously improve the efficiency of elevator fault diagnosis, remote monitoring, and intelligent maintenance, and realize intelligent elevator safety supervision before they can enter the smart elevator. The market has become a leader in the national elevator brand.


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