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Elevator Industry Development And Modernization
- Mar 26, 2018 -

The continuous development of the elevator industry requires elevator companies to improve the quality of maintenance services and realize service industrialization. Elevators have high safety requirements. They are manufactured in the form of parts and components. The total assembly is carried out on site. The installation is completed through the connection between the mechanical parts and the mechanical equipment and the civil structure. However, careful manufacturing and installation cannot be guaranteed. Trouble-free operation, the reliability of its operation depends largely on maintenance.

In the context of national policy support and the surge in the number of elevators and the increasing number of older elevators, the maintenance

The elevator aftermarket, which is characterized by maintenance and installation, has become an important strategy for the sustainable development of industry enterprises. The after-sales service of elevators has become an important link in the market competition of elevator companies in the future. In order to better meet the market demand, elevator maintenance is gradually being led by manufacturers of specialized third-party maintenance companies to become the trend. At present, the mainstream elevator manufacturing enterprises actively promote service industrialization and have established service networks led by marketing services. The network construction has been extended from the large and medium-sized cities to the markets of small and medium-sized cities. The development mode of both the manufacturing industry and the service industry is the only way for the future development of elevator companies.


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