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Elevator Industry Development In China
- May 02, 2018 -

Elevator Industry Development in China

It’s reported that China has been the largest elevator market around the global.

 According to statistic of China Elevator Association, during the past 30 yeas from 1949-4979,the mainland market in China manufactured and installed 10,000 sets elevators in total. The reform and opening-up policy brought huge development opportunities to China elevator industry.  In 1980, the annual production capacity for elevator was just 2,249 sets, while till 2010,  it had been 360,000 sets a year, 160 times higher than the year 1980, and ranked no.1 as manufacturing and using market for elevators.

The average

  Through more than 20 years had efforts, China elevator has gained recognition of the world , and has built up good reputation around the global. From 2001 to 2010, the average annual growth rate of elevator exports in China exceeded 47.40%.. China has held the “China International Elevator Expo” in consecutive 8 years, which attracted many customers around the global. At the same time, China elevator companies actively joined the famous international exhibitions like US elevator fairs, Germany Fairs, Indian Fairs, Turkey Fairs, and Russian Fairs ect, to affect the world with China brand, to make people around the world to know better about China elevators, to show the world, that China elevators are in advanced technology, super quality, and competitive price.

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