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Elevator Installation Procedure And Precautions During Construction
- Feb 11, 2019 -

Construction elevator installation notes:

1. The driver of the construction elevator must pass the special safety technical training, pass the examination, and hold the certificate. Strict drink operation.

2. The driver must be familiar with the performance, construction, maintenance, and maintenance knowledge of the elevator being operated, and fill in the mechanical resume and the prescribed statements in time.

3. Within 5m of the construction elevator, no flammable, flammable materials and other sundries shall be piled up, and trenches, pits and troughs shall not be dug within this range. A protective shed should be provided at the ground inlet of the elevator.

4. When the ladder cage is repaired, if the weight of the ladder cage is lower than the weight when the components are removed, the ladder cage must be locked on the rail frame.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use the derrick of the construction elevator to support the pulling cable slogan and other items not related to the elevator.

6. Tower cranes or other lifting appliances constructed on the same site shall be more than 5m away from the construction elevator and shall have reliable anti-collision measures.

7. After the installation of the construction elevator is completed, it must be inspected and accepted by the relevant personnel before it can be put into use.

The above contents are organized according to the problems encountered in the actual work, for reference only, if there is any problem, please communicate and correct in time.

Elevator installation steps and methods

1. Method of elevator installation

According to the actual situation, we use the construction site tower crane to cooperate with the installation method, that is, using the tower crane to install the elevator foundation structure, the first three sections of the standard section, the foundation fence, the cage, the drive board, etc., and then add the section installation until it is used. height.

2, elevator installation steps

1. Installation of the base frame (base) Use the tower crane to hang the elevator foundation frame on the elevator foundation, level the standard joint interface with a level gauge (foot), fill the gap between the frame and the foundation, and then tighten the anchor bolts.

2. Installation of the bottom three-section rail frame (standard section) After assembling the bottom three standard sections on the ground, use the tower crane to hang on the foundation frame interface, adjust the verticality (1/1000) with the Weiyi instrument, and tighten the connection. Bolt, tightening torque is 350N.M. Construction elevator parts quotation Construction elevator parts offer After the elevator base and foundation section are installed, the outer cage can be assembled and the verticality of the outer cage door frame (1/1000) can be adjusted to make the outer cage door open and close flexible.

4, the installation of ladder cage

After installing the six buffer springs on the frame, the ladder cage is lifted with a tower crane, slowly placed in the standard section, and placed on the buffer spring.

5, the installation of the drive

Loosen the brake on the motor: first remove the two split pins. Before removing it, make a mark on the nut opening. After the reset, tighten the two nuts. Make sure the two nuts are screwed in parallel and the brake is released. , you can pull the brake disc at will. It is also possible to use a wedge block to open the motor brakes and release the brakes.

Lift the drive unit with a tower crane, position it from above the standard section, align the drive unit with the connecting lug of the cage, thread the pin and fix it (the elevator with the overloaded device penetrates the sensor pin and The stop groove is upward and the fixing plate is attached). After the drive unit is hoisted in place, the performance of the motor brake device is restored and the cage guardrail is installed.

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