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Elevator Self Rescue Knowledge
- Aug 30, 2018 -

If the elevator is broken, the trapped person needs to master the following self rescue methods to ensure safety and rescue.

1. Keep calm and comfort the people who are trapped together. Explain to them that there is no danger and that the elevator will not fall off the trough. The elevator trough has a crash-proof safety device that will firmly clip the rails on both sides of the elevator, and the safety device will not fail.

2. Call for help by alarm bell or intercom or mobile phone. If there is no alarm bell or intercom, if the mobile phone fails again, you can clap the door and shout, or take off your shoes and knock, asking for help immediately.

3. if the elevator mechanic can not be found immediately, please ask the people outside to call the firemen. Firefighters usually lift up or down the elevator to the nearest floor and then open the door. Even if the power fails, firemen can use the manual device to wring the elevator.

4. if outside untrained rescue workers are present, do not climb out of the elevator by yourself.

5. million don't try to push the door inside the elevator, even if it can be opened, it may not be enough for the outside door. Grease on the outside of the elevator can also cause people to slip.

6. if there is an emergency exit on the lift ceiling, do not climb out. Once the outlet plate is opened, the safety switch will cause the elevator to stop. However, if the exit board is accidentally closed, the elevator may suddenly start unbalanced, in the dark elevator trough, may be tripped by the elevator cable or because of stepping on the grease and slipping down from the top of the elevator.

7. The elevator trapped in a commercial building late at night or on a weekend afternoon may not be approached for hours or even days. In this case, the safest way is to remain calm and wait for help. It is best to endure hunger, thirst, and sultry heat. Listen carefully to the noise outside. If a pedestrian passes by, try to attract his attention.

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