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Elevator Upside Speed Protection Device
- Jul 24, 2018 -

The upstream over-speed protection device as an important safety component is clearly required to be adopted on newly installed elevators, which will greatly reduce the uncontrolled loss of newly installed elevators. The car over-speed protection device is a safety protection device installed on the traction drive elevator to stop or effectively decelerate the car when the elevator speeds up to a certain degree. It is generally composed of speed monitoring device and deceleration device. A bidirectional speed limiter is usually used as a speed monitoring device to detect if the car speed is out of control.

The deceleration device includes a safety gear, a rope clamp and a safety brake, which act on the car or the counterweight, the wire rope system (suspension rope or compensation rope) and the traction sheave, respectively. The safety brake as an upward overspeed protection device must act directly on the traction sheave or on the traction sheave that is closest to the traction sheave. At present, in the permanent magnet synchronous machine of a machine-roomless elevator, the brake directly acting on the traction sheave is usually used. As an upstream speed protection. The mechanical design of this brake is redundant and meets the requirements of safety brakes without regard to its failure. At the same time, because it acts directly on the traction sheave, the damage of the traction machine's main shaft, bearings, and other mechanical components will not affect its effective braking stop. Of course, it cannot protect the upward speeding caused by other reasons such as the destruction of the traction condition, slippage between the traction sheave and the wire rope. This leads to a question: What type of upstream speeding does the upstream overspeed protection device actually work with? According to the requirements of GB7588-2003 “Safety Specification for Manufacturing and Installation of Elevators”, the upward overspeed protection device needs to act on the upward speeding caused by brake failure and motor transmission failure. Therefore, the current over-speed protection device cannot protect all the upstream speeding of the elevator.

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