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Elevators Design Safe System
- Apr 16, 2018 -

There are risks involved in the use of elevators. Many factors must be taken into account in order to ensure that persons are not stuck in elevators for long periods of time, or worse that the elevator does not loose stability and plummet to the basement from a high floor. In the event of fire, normal passenger elevators are not to be used. The engineers designing the system, as well as the construction company assigned to build the building and installing the elevator system are responsible for the safety and smooth operation of the elevator equipment system. The building architects are responsible for providing space and structural support for the elevator. The engineers designing the elevator must ensure that the elevators will perform as specified in a safe manner (meeting all safety requirements and compliance standards).

The engineers are also responsible for designing elevators that can be manufactured easily and feasibly and for designing "fool-proof" systems that will work reliably and safely in the event that they are misused. The elevator users are responsible for operating the elevator according to the safety specifications laid out. The maximum capacity is not to be exceeded by users. The building owners are responsible for maintenance of the elevator and for assuring the elevator is compliant before use (via a certificate). The latter certificate is to be available to users so that they can be assured that the elevator is safe to use. The engineers are to communicate to the owners the specifications of the elevators and are to communicate to the builders the space and support that is needed for the elevator to function in its intended way. The architects and builders are to communicate with the elevator engineers to ensure that the structure and elevator are compatible.





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