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Emergency Elevator
- Mar 22, 2018 -

Emergency elevator is also called fire lift,is a elevator equipment which is used for fire fighting and rescue and has certain function in the building fire.

Therefore, the fire elevator has a high fire protection requirements, the elevator design for fire prevention is very important.

Now in china,the true sense of the fire elevator is very rare made by the elevator manufacturers.Now the fire elevator we see is only the normal passenger elevator can return to the default base station or the evacuation layer function when with fire switch action.It can not take when in the event of fire.


●Fire elevator set purpose

Can lift for firefighters in use when in building fire.

As the GB 26465-2011 pointed out:The emergency elevator is not a rescue lift for passengers,so it is only controlled by fireman only.

At present, the conventional elevator specifications can meet the requirements, no need to re-design.


●Fire elevator basic requirement

1.The capacity ≥ 800kgs

2.The car size ≥ W1350xD1400mm

3.The door opening width ≥ 800mm

4.The speed will match the normal standard(No more than 60s for total traveling time)

5.Service for each floor of the building


●Waterproof protection requirements of electrical equipment


1.The electrical equipment within 1m from the side of shaft layer,the protection level of the enclosure shall be at least IPX3.


Main components:


Operation panel in the car cabin

Landing door device

The electrical,safety contact plate or light curtain of the door machine

Safety switches,limited switches,car top stop device and inspection device

Flat layer device,lighting and fan in car

Shaft cable and traveling cable

Locking switch for all kinds of maintenance door and security door



2.The electrical equipment more than 1m from the pit ,protection level of the enclosure shall be at least IP67.


Main components:

Buffer reset switch

Speed Governor checking switch

Compensating wheel tension and anti jump checking switch

Pit lighting


Rescue needs of firefighters

1.Car safety window size at least 0.5m x 0.7m.

2.Open top or easy to open ceiling,no special tools needed and there are clear signs and instructions for operation to make easy access.

3.There is a ladder fixed to the hoist way,and there is a tread in the car.

4. A ladder on the car cabin is provided.

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