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Safety Knowledge for Elevator Emergency
- May 23, 2018 -

1. When a fall occurs, the first thing is to fix your body.When such a collision occurs, it will not cause a fall due to the instability of the center of gravity.Next is to use elevator  wall, as the protection of vertebra, close to wall, can have certain protective effect.Most importantly, you can bend your knees to bear the brunt of the pressure.This is because the ligaments are the only elastic tissue in the body, which is more resilient than the bones.Therefore, the back is attached to the inner wall of the elevator, the knee is bent, and the tiptoe protection is correct.

2. Elevator fall to pit, means the elevator car in the case of all control system failure, will miss the first layer flat position and driving down, until the exactly pit stop on the buffer.This rarely happens, but when it happens the consequences can be severe, a huge inertia is likely to result in a life-threatening fracture of the person's body.In fact, if the elevator falls suddenly in an abnormal speed in the process of falling, the elevator's safety protection device will stop the elevator.It is worth noting that the elevator is connected with the elevator’s load from the beginning of the fall to the stop, so the elevator must not be overloaded.

3. Self-help measures trapped in the elevator: after the emergency shutdown, the elevator has several reliable protective devices to protect the passengers, so there is no need to worry that it will continue to fall.There are many reasons for sudden stops, and any attempt to escape is a risky move until you know why.If there is no alarm call in the elevator when you are just trapped, tap the door or knock on the door with your shoes.If you're stuck for a long time, the safest thing to do is to stay calm, conserve your energy and wait for help.  

4. How should the elevator manager rescue the trapped personnel: When an elevator accident occurs, the elevator manager communicates with the trapped passengers by telephone or by shouting.Be sure to keep calm and be patient with the maintenance staff,  away from the elevator stop into the room closed the elevator power switch, on the elevator shaft installation disk driver wheel, wheel held on one hard disk driver, another hand brake release lever, gently pry the brake.Pay attention to the level mark, and move the car to the nearest door.When making sure the brake is correct, use the door key to open the landing door and the car door, assist the passengers to leave the car, and re-close the door.

It is worth noting that some of the elevator workers have come to open the inner door or outer door of the elevator directly.And then by the way, sometimes you can't get to the parking layer, and you jump down, and that's a very common practice in life.But this is a very informal rescue, because the elevator stops at the location where it should not be parked, indicating that the system is out of order.So if you open the door without cutting off the power supply, the passenger will be in danger if the elevator breaks down again.

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