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Future Elevator Guideway New Technology Application And Development Trend
- Feb 02, 2018 -

elevator guideway is installed in the elevator hoistway or between two or more rows of vertical or inclined rigid track to ensure that the car and the counterweight along its up and down movement to ensure that escalators and moving walkways along its tilt or level Sports, providing guidance for the elevator car, counterweight or rung. From the definition of guide rails, guide rails are important reference parts for vertical elevator, automatic elevator and moving walkway. They control the running track of elevator car, escalator and moving walk to ensure the transmission of operation signals. It is also related to elevator safety And run the quality of the important components.

elevator manufacturers said the existing elevator rails can be divided into solid rails, hollow rails, escalators and other major categories of rails, according to product characteristics, in the elevator to play their respective roles.

elevator guide rail industry is different from the general mechanical processing industry, has its own characteristics:

(1) The industry has broad prospects for development. With the development of society and economy, the acceleration of aging, the pursuit of high-quality living and efficiency, and the adjustment of building structure, the elevator industry will maintain a steady growth for a foreseeable future for a long period of time, thus ensuring elevator guide rail market prospects.

(2) supporting the elevator industry, subject to certain real estate. elevator guide rail is supporting the operation of the elevator, this characteristic determines the elevator guide rail industry directly affected by the elevator industry, and then by the real estate industry development.

(3) Belong to the downstream enterprises in the steel industry, raw material costs are more concentrated. The proportion of raw materials in the elevator guide rail products accounts for about 80% or more of the cost, and the cost is relatively concentrated, which is affected by the fluctuation of the steel market price.

(4) higher testing standards. As the elevator guide rail safeguards the operation of the elevator, involving people's lives and property safety, so the equipment and technology applications require a high degree of data control, especially in the rail symmetry, straightness and surface roughness control requirements Very strict, which requires enterprises must have the appropriate technical ability and sophisticated site management.

In fact, the elevator car is not a fully enclosed space and there is no danger of suffocation. Therefore, the public is not worried about this. According to reports, each elevator is equipped with vents before leaving the factory, and to meet the requirements of GB7588 standards, the standard for the elevator ventilation has detailed and stringent requirements, first of all from the source to provide a guarantee for the public. If citizens are trapped in the elevator car, they must first calm their emotions and remain calm because the elevator ventilation system is normal. Even though the fan does not work after the power outage, the vents are still present. The car and the outside air are connected. The car can still keep the air flowing, without the risk of suffocation. The so-called "elevator suffocation" incident on the Internet is mainly due to the passengers being trapped in the car, ignoring the elevator structure and causing fear, resulting in a high degree of tension and further rapid heartbeat, leading to dyspnea.

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