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General Requirements Of Elevator Emergency Power Supply
- May 04, 2018 -

The elevator power supply shall be sent directly from the power distribution room of the building to the engine room, and the voltage fluctuation shall not exceed ±7%.

The temporary power supply during the installation and construction phase shall have enough capacity to meet the requirements of the total capacity of the elevator power supply after the line voltage loss occurs.

Each elevator should be provided with a main power switch, the capacity of which should be the maximum current cut off the normal use of the elevator. The main power switch should be installed at 1.3-1.5m from the ground in the engine room to facilitate rapid access. If several elevators share the same engine room, the operating mechanism of the main switch of each elevator shall correspond to the elevator.

The lighting power supply should be separated from the elevator power supply, and a lighting switch should be set in the room close to the population to control the lighting and socket power supply circuits of the engine room, compartment, pit and car. All phase three power lines below the main switch should have a phase sequence color scale.

The elevator power and control circuit should be laid separately. The grounding line and neutral line should always be separated from the power supply into the engine room.

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