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Green Elevator Industry's Future Development
- Apr 23, 2018 -

With the rapid development of China's green construction industry, the construction of high-performance green products has become the future direction of the elevator industry. The use of green technology to promote the development of the elevator industry has become a new research direction for the elevator industry. The market is increasingly demanding for a new generation of green elevators, energy-efficient elevators and smart elevators. These elevators require elevators to save energy, reduce oil pollution, have strong electromagnetic compatibility, low noise, long life, use green decorative materials, and coordinate with buildings.

The industrialization of buildings and the development of green buildings have put forward new requirements for elevators such as safety, energy saving, and environmental protection, focusing on the development of upstream and downstream industry cooperation. In addition, elevator safety hazards and accidents frequently increase the safety requirements for elevator production. The "People's Republic of China Special Equipment Safety Law" will also be more strictly enforced to ensure the safe operation of elevators. The National Technical Standard for the Retirement of Elevator Parts formulated by the China National Standards Committee was formally implemented on February 1, 2016. The new national standard fills the blank elevator scrap at home and abroad in the absence of relevant standards. This standard stipulates 13 major parts that have a major impact on the safe operation of elevators, such as “safety protection devices, emergency rescue devices, hoistway safety doors and trap doors, drive engines, cars, landing doors and car doors, and electrical control equipment.” . Discard technical conditions.

The future "green energy" and "safety" will become two key words in the development of the elevator industry. Elevator products will quickly reflect the progress of energy saving and safety technologies.

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