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Home Elevator Industry To Enhance The Industrial Structure And The Pace Of The Future
- Feb 02, 2018 -

In recent years, China's home elevator industry has developed rapidly, home elevator ownership has increased substantially and become increasingly saturated. Under the background of China's economy entering a new normal, manufacturing industry takes intelligent manufacturing as a breakthrough to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization and to strengthen quality brand building. Each industry is actively calling for new development opportunities and the home elevator industry is also facing an industry upgrade Transformation, to achieve intelligent products, intelligent production, intelligent management and service intelligence forward, so as to achieve corporate restructuring and upgrading, enhance the competitiveness of the industry and national home elevator brand status.

After decades of development in China's home elevator industry, home elevators have become an indispensable part of people's lives and are also one of the most important construction equipment in the urbanization of modern society. After decades of accumulation, China's home elevator industry has formed a complete industrial chain from raw material supply, parts manufacturing, to the whole ladder design and development, manufacturing, and then to after-sales service. At present, with the rapid expansion of market demand, the output and sales of home elevator products in China rank first in the world. home elevator production accounts for about 70% of the global output. China has become the largest home elevator production and consumer market in the world. The total global demand for home elevators is between 100 and 1.1 million units a year. The total domestic demand has exceeded 600,000 units for several years in a row.

In addition, the impact of macro-investment promotion, domestic urbanization process, social housing construction, railways, rail transit, airports and other transportation facilities are the major driving forces for the development of the home elevator industry. In addition, the impact of the renovation of the old domestic communities should not be overlooked. The main driving force is the renovation, renovation and installation of old ladders in three aspects. "This is an incremental market, this year's installation can reach the scale of 20,000 units, which is the sum of more than a decade ago, there has been no demand for the market has now begun to enter a period of application."

home elevator industry, development in our country for nearly 10 years, the achievements we all are obvious to all. However, with the rapid economic development, the industry is constantly changing in order to keep pace with the development of the times. Initiative is no longer the consumer attitudes and hobbies day by day, has been "pampered" home elevator industry in the face of such a situation is a bit caught off guard. So, while exploring the changing side of the home elevator industry in the future direction of consumption will show what kind of trend?

Manufacturers pointed out that today's consumers regardless of consumer non-consumer products also have to comment on the argument, consumers are no longer passive, they want to be able to dialogue with the business at any time, and do not trust the authority, more intuition and reputation, which heralds the unity of production and marketing The time has come. It is also because some things do not work, so we will change will want to swap!

Manufacturers believe that as people's understanding of environmental protection continues to deepen, environmental protection has infiltrated every corner of society, and even became a way of life, home elevator companies in order not to be far away from the industry, we must adapt and follow such a trend. Keep up with the trend at the same time, have to ensure that they can really environmental protection, not just to talk about it, the integrity of integrity in order to go farther.

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