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How Can The Household Elevator Operate Correctly For A Longer Time?(I)
- Sep 17, 2018 -

Household elevators are the most widely used means of transportation in villas. How can the elevators be operated correctly for a longer time? Today, the Villa Ann Xiaobian will answer for you.

One: The household elevator must be tested before it is put into operation to check whether all parts of the elevator are working properly, whether there are abnormal sounds and odors, whether the ventilation and lighting are good or not, and whether there are other abnormal phenomena.

Second: do a good job of car, floor car door cleaning and sanitation, cleaning the door chute sundries, to ensure the normal opening and closing of household elevator doors.

It is strictly forbidden to operate overloaded household elevators and prohibit transporting large, super long or unidentified articles.

Three: use the triangle key to open the door in the operation of domestic elevator.

Fourth: When the household elevator fails in operation, the emergency alarm device should be started. The household elevator management personnel should cut off the power supply of the household elevator immediately and notify the household elevator maintenance unit to deal with it in time.

Five: Household elevator trapped rescue operation procedures: Household elevator administrators or rescue personnel and trapped personnel to contact to keep calm, waiting for rescue, trapped personnel can not put any part of the body out of the car; accurately determine the position of the car to ensure that the car door reliable shut; with a triangular key to open the door, car door To evacuate passengers, close the sedan door, fill in rescue records and file them, and notify the household elevator maintenance unit to handle them.

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