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How To Deal With Elevator Crash
- Aug 30, 2018 -

1. Press the buttons on each floor, no matter how many floors there are. When the emergency power is turned on, the elevator can stop falling immediately.

2. if there are handrails in the lift, please hold the handrail tightly. This is for fixing position to prevent falling injury due to unstable center of gravity.

3. The knee bends, which is most important, because the ligament is one of the most elastic tissues in the body, so the knee bends to withstand the pounding pressure.

4. lifting your heels is tiptoe. If there are fewer people in the elevator, it is best to hold arms or stick to the elevator wall.

5. The whole back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator, and the elevator wall is used as the protection of the vertebra.

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