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How To Maintain The Home Elevator
- May 18, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, many people have installed home elevators in their own homes. Compared with stairs, they are more convenient to use, and home elevators do not occupy the space as much as stair installations. In general, home elevators and daily use are The passenger elevators used are all of the same configuration. In addition to the need for periodical overhauls by the manufacturers during daily use, they also require careful maintenance by the users. How can the home elevator be maintained? What problems need to pay attention to the maintenance of home elevators? Home lift maintenance tips and methods:


First, home elevator mechanical parts maintenance:

1. Elevator's traction machine needs oil lubrication. There are two scales on the cover of the traction machine. Open the nozzle to check the oil should be in the middle of the two scales. If the oil is lower than the scale below, it means that the traction machine should be refueled. If no refueling, the elevator will run for a long time. It will not be well lubricated, resulting in the burning of elevator traction machines and motors.

2. Cleaning and lubrication of elevator car guide shoes. Everyone knows that the guide shoe runs on the guide rail and there is an oil cup on the guide shoe. To make the home elevator not to generate friction when running, it is necessary to regularly refuel the oil cup and clean the guide shoe, and the sanitation of the clean car should be cleaned.

3, elevator hall door and car door maintenance. Elevator failure is generally more on the elevator hall door and car door, so pay attention to the hall door, car door maintenance. One is the refueling of the refueling area on the upper gantry of the door, keeping good lubrication, and the home elevator will not make an unpleasant noise during the operation and the opening of the door.


Second, home elevator electrical parts maintenance:

 The electrical components of home elevators are roughly divided into control screens, electrical switches of various safety circuits, etc. It is the brain of the elevator and is the central nervous system of the elevator. The starting and running of the elevator and the opening and closing of the doors are all controlled by it, so it is in daily maintenance. It must be treated as if it is important to work. It is best not to short-circuit the elevator circuit in the control panel during work. When the elevator door system fails, someone has short-circuited the elevator door for convenience in order to find the fault. This is very dangerous. If the lift is found to be in great trouble in daily use, it is recommended that the owner should contact the manufacturer directly. Home maintenance.

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