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How To Repair And Maintain Sightseeing Eevators
- Jun 15, 2018 -

In order to make the sightseeing elevator run safely, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance, inspection and repair of the elevator. The elevator manager and the on-duty electrician of the elevator room are in charge of the emergency maintenance work when the elevator fails. The head of the company's engineering department is responsible for the organization and monitoring of elevator fault maintenance and is responsible for establishing the elevator maintenance management system. The elevator maintenance management system mainly includes:

      1. Monthly Maintenance and Maintenance Track System After completing the inspection, fill in the “Motors Monthly Maintenance and Maintenance Record”. Elevator Month Maintenance Record Maintenance Project Clearance Inspection Query Visits Bad Situations Partial Records and Processing Results Room

         1, traction wheel cleaning

         2, speed limiter and electrical contacts check

         3, brake shoe wear inspection

         4, detailed selection of selector

         5, the control cabinet of the electromechanical contacts clean, contactors, relay resistance fuselage and shaft

       (1) Checking battery and battery

       (2) Checking, cleaning and oiling of inside and outside doors

       (3) Inside and outside hanging door wheels, limit wheels, outer door closers, track inspection cleaning

       (4) Internal and external door lock and door interlock switch internal and contact cleaning

       (5) Check the door interlock wiring

        6, joint plate assembly

        7, check the various switch contacts

        8, strip cleaning, grease, strip switch check

        9, check the bottom of the wire speed test equipment to check, clean, grease.

      The maintainer verifies the main equipment in the equipment room. After completing the inspection, fill in the “Quarter Quarterly Maintenance and Maintenance Record”. Sightseeing elevator season maintenance records, maintenance and maintenance project cleanup inspection inspection visit records bad conditions part records and processing results

      1, motor cooling fan lubrication

      2, the power switch

      3, control panel, signal plate cleaning, tight lead screw body and shaft 1 door machine assembly box internal inspection

      2. Checking of door electromechanical, resistance box and contact box

      3, door mechanical box, connecting rod, chain, belt check

      4, plus rail assembly and rail clearance check

      5, check the main wire wear, cleaning, tension balance

      6, car fan check and cleaning

      7, bottom pit relief and collision detector oil inspection and cleaning maintenance verification

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