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How To Rescue The Elevator Incident
- Sep 17, 2018 -

When the elevator presents a problem, many people will be at a loss, forced to break the door, kick the door and other phenomena often occur, these practices are wrong. Waxman elevator can teach you the following countermeasures.

1. The escalator jammed.

Shopping malls escalate in times of trouble, such as cards, shoelaces and so on. Each store escalator will basically have an emergency brake button, if encountered in this situation, can immediately perform emergency braking, to prevent catastrophic tragedy.

2, elevator door defects

There are many kinds of problems in the elevator door, for example, the door can not be closed, perhaps half of the time jammed, at this time do not put all parts of the body, such as limbs, head, etc. out of the door or into the door, to avoid the occurrence of elevator suddenly running, cutting injury.

3, the elevator car is falling down.

The sudden fall of an elevator can be a great shock to many people. If this happens, you can press every button from the bottom to the top. If the button on any floor is normal, it will stop. It will not be more dangerous because of acceleration of gravity. At the same time, to choose a not close to the door handles, it is best to stick to the wall of the elevator, if there is a handle, can catch the handle. Knee twists, the body is a half squat posture, as far as possible to maintain balance, so that can borrow knee twists and tiptoe posture to withstand heavy hitting pressure, increase buffer.

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