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How To Save The Elevator Failure
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Elevator trapped people is actually the elevator itself's emergency protection action. When any abnormality occurs during the operation of the elevator, the first reaction of the elevator will be stopped and the abnormality will not continue to occur. If the elevator is overloaded, the weight balance system will alarm and stop the elevator operation. If the electrical control system or traction system fails, the mechanical safety protection system such as car slides, overhead, speed limiter and safety gear will trigger The elevator car stuck in the track; if there is foreign body in the elevator hall door, the electrical circuit safety protection system will trigger to stop the elevator; if the elevator car light curtain or safety plate failure, the electrical safety protection system will be triggered, The same will stop the elevator. To sum up, in the daily life of people in distress and other emergencies, in fact, the vast majority of elevator safety protection system is playing a role, is a safety protection for boarding personnel, passengers do not need Too worried and nervous, but to scientifically respond to ensure their own safety.

People may not be familiar with elevator safety incidents on media platforms such as TV, WeChat and Internet. In particular, a variety of elevator "self-help knowledge" is also emerging. For example, "If people are trapped in elevators, they must first be calm, Because there is a limited amount of oxygen in the elevator's limited space and the body consumes less oxygen when calm, try to be calm and keep the trapped person from suffocating for an extended period of time without oxygen. "For such a Say, in the end there is no scientific basis? Are trapped elevators really suffocating?

Elevator manufacturers said that in fact the elevator car is not a fully enclosed space, there will be no risk of suffocation, so people are worried about this unnecessary. According to reports, each elevator is equipped with vents before leaving the factory, and to meet the requirements of GB7588 standards, the standard for the elevator ventilation has detailed and stringent requirements, first of all from the source to provide a guarantee for the public. If citizens are trapped in the elevator car, they must first calm their emotions and remain calm because the elevator ventilation system is normal. Even though the fan does not work after the power outage, the vents are still present. The car and the outside air are connected. The car can still keep the air flowing, without the risk of suffocation. The so-called "elevator suffocation" incident on the Internet is mainly due to the passengers being trapped in the car, ignoring the elevator structure and causing fear, resulting in a high degree of tension and further rapid heartbeat, leading to dyspnea.

New standards for the elevator industry have been introduced, and some new standards for elevator products are also emerging from time to time. These are undoubtedly put on the "magic spell" for elevator manufacturers. Many manufacturers have already updated their technologies and products with standard updates. However, although countries and consumers are increasingly valued elevator quality, but there are still some unqualified elevator products on the market are still selling the price advantage.

Fraudulent use of trademark infringement, confusion level shoddy, Zhang Guanli Dai to evade detection, ignoring the standard illegal production, reckless profits and other market chaos, so that consumers are hard to find, but also make regular manufacturers a headache. According to one elevator dealer, many of the cheaper elevator products on the market are mostly from small workshops. The prices are lower than those of regular stores. Many of them are OEM products, and the general product quality will not pass the test.

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