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Introduction Of Moving Walk
- Sep 20, 2018 -

The Moving Walk is a fixed electric drive device with a circulating (plate or belt) walkway for conveying passengers at a horizontal or inclined angle of not more than 12 degrees.

It is suitable for stations, wharfs, shopping malls, airports, exhibition galleries and gymnasiums. It appeared in early twentieth Century.

The structure is similar to the escalator, mainly composed of two parts: the active pavement and the handrail. Usually, the moving road surface does not form a ladder when it tilts. According to the structure, it can be divided into step-type automatic walkway (similar to plate conveyor), belt-type automatic walkway (similar to belt conveyor) and double-line automatic walkway.

The inclination of the Moving Walk is 0 to 12 degrees, previously recommended to be 15 degrees, but only 12 degrees is allowed for safety requirements.

The length of the Moving Walk can reach 500 meters at the level or slightly inclined. The conveying speed is usually 0.5 m / sec, and the maximum speed is not more than 0.75 m / sec.

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