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Main Function Of Dumbwaiter Elevator
- Aug 07, 2018 -


Electric lock function:

The base station call box is equipped with a power lock for starting and closing the control circuit of the elevator.

Hall door lock function:

The mechanical locks are installed on all the hall doors of the elevator. The mechanical lock of the elevator is automatically opened on the floor. When the elevator is not in the floor, the mechanical lock is automatically closed, and the door cannot be opened. In special cases, the door can be opened with a special inspection key (special opening should be Professional elevators can be carried out by the presence of personnel or professional maintenance personnel.

Door electrical chain function:

Electrical safety switches are installed on the door locks of each floor of the elevator. When any floor door is opened or not completely closed, the elevator cannot be operated, and the electrical safety switch is protected against short circuit on the control system. When the door electrical safety switch is short-circuited The elevator cannot be operated.

Sound and light display function:

When the elevator is running, docked or occupied, there are digital and light displays. When the elevator arrives at the station, there is a buzzer to announce the station, prompting the staff to arrive at the station. The button light on this layer illuminates or digitally displays the floor location where the elevator is located.

Automatic leveling function:

If you want to use the elevator on any floor, just press the button on the corresponding floor and the elevator will automatically arrive at the station.

Call function:

When the elevator is occupied by other landings for a long time, the user presses the call button, and when the call button is not set, the button of the other floor is pressed, and the buzzer of the occupied layer will beep to prompt the staff to close the door to ensure that the elevator can Timely and efficient use.

Limit protection function:

The upper and lower ends of the elevator are installed with limit position and limit protection switch. When the car runs beyond the leveling, the limit switch starts and the elevator stops running. When the elevator continues to run beyond the limit, the limit switch is activated and the control power supply elevator is forcibly stopped.


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