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On The Substantial Increase In The Number Of Elevator And Increasingly Saturated
- Feb 02, 2018 -

In recent years, China's elevator industry has developed rapidly, elevator ownership increased substantially and become increasingly saturated. Internationally, service-type income will form a major part of the elevator industry's revenue when the number of elevators tends to be saturated. At the same time, green elevator, intelligent, information and high-speed elevator will be the new trend of elevator product development.

Elevator manufacturers said that benefiting from the rapid development of the real estate market, China's elevator industry has made considerable progress, the domestic elevator business products in technology, performance, quality and foreign large enterprises almost simultaneously, compared with imported elevators has obvious advantages. China's elevator industry will become a global elevator manufacturing center like the textile, clothing, electronics, computer and other industries and will further absorb elevator production capacity in other parts of the world.

Although China has a large number of elevators, the per capita possession is only 1/3 of the world average, 1 / 10-1 / 20 of the developed countries. The market in China is far from saturated. It is estimated that the number of elevators in China will reach 8 million in the future Taiwan or so.

With the increasing number of elevator saturation, elevator products will set off a new trend of development.

First of all, energy-saving elevator will gradually become the leading product. The conservation-oriented society put forward by our government just provides the development opportunities for enterprises that have energy-saving elevator technology in the industry. At present, the proportion of China's energy-saving elevators in total elevators has increased from 30% in 2006 to about 85% in 2014. In the future The proportion of energy-saving elevator will continue to grow. Energy-saving elevator market demand in the future include three aspects, one is the new demand, the second is the replacement of the old elevator, the third is the amount of energy-saving renovation.

Second, the application of new technology will be more elevator. The application of new elevator technology has become a major trend in the development of elevators, including energy-saving technology, control technology, safety technology and new material technology. At the same time, the application of intelligent technology in the elevator industry is also more obvious. At present, the main areas of implementation are the ultra-high-speed elevators, intelligent elevator group control systems and Bluetooth application technologies.

Third, the elevator performance has increased dramatically. The application of new technology offers the possibility of improving the performance of elevators and also provides more choices for personalized buildings. The improvement of elevator performance is also reflected in the comprehensiveness of elevator functions. The application of new technology will also provide new conveniences for elevator installation and maintenance. In addition, the elevator performance improvement will also effectively reduce the elevator safety hazards.

Fourth, the brand integration hot. With the intensification of real estate regulation and control in China and the promotion of RMB appreciation, the integration of China's elevator industry is accelerating. In the next few years, as China's market expands and exports continue to increase, new investors will also enter the industry at the same time, and the industry consolidation will enter a white-hot phase.

Finally, the new trend of installation and maintenance more obvious. With the increasing demand of elevator users for service, the elevator industry competition has gradually shifted from a single product competition to various aspects including services, and the whole process of transition. This means that the Chinese elevator market, which has been dominated by newly installed elevators for many years , Will usher in both new clothes and maintenance of the times.

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