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Points For Attention When Selecting Moving Walkway
- Sep 20, 2018 -

1. choose according to the terms of use.

Usually, the subway, station, airport and wharf with concentrated pedestrian flow should choose public transport type, while shops and buildings can choose ordinary type. However, the number of Moving Walkway in shopping malls or general buildings is usually small, so it is suggested to use public transport type of automatic sidewalks for shopping malls or buildings with relatively large traffic volume.

2. should have product identification.

The name of the manufacturer, the product type mark and the serial number are clearly marked at least at one entrance and exit.

3. check the safety height above the steps, pedals or tapes.

On the upper side of the footpath or the tape of the Moving Walkway, there should be a vertical net height of not less than 2.3m. The net height should be along the entire pedal or belt movement throughout the journey to ensure that the automatic sidewalk passengers safe and unimpeded passage.

4. lighting requirements for Moving Walkway

Adequate lighting should be provided on and around the automatic walkway, especially near the comb board. The illumination at the entrance and exit of the indoor or outdoor automatic walkway should be at least 50lx or 15lx, respectively.

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