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Proper Use Of Elevators
- May 23, 2018 -

1.Call the elevator: passengers only need to follow the direction of the call button, please do not press buttons in ascending and descending direction at the same time, lest cause useless dock capsules, reduce building total transmission efficiency of the elevator.In the meantime, it is also necessary to avoid the wrong operation of the safety device, causing passengers to be trapped in the car and affecting the normal operation of the elevator.

2.When the elevator door open, do not put the hand on the door, prevent door squeezed his hand back, the door is closed, don't hand on the edge of the door, lest affect close action against even fingers.When carrying a child, use your hand to tighten or hold the child in an elevator. 

3.When taking elevator should keep a certain distance with the elevator door, to be on the safe side, because in the operation of the elevator, the elevator door connected to the shaft, relative speed is very fast, once the elevator malfunctioned, the passengers near the door will be quite dangerous.  

4.Don't jump in the elevator.Many safety switches are installed on the elevator car.If you jump in the car, the car will be heavily tilted, which may lead to protection of the switch and lift the elevator into a state of protection.If this happens, the elevator will stop immediately, causing the crew to be trapped.  

5.When enter the door, many people are used to using body to block the door, although there is no danger, but if you push it too long, the elevator control system will think that the elevator is out of order.It's possible to call the alarm or even stop.So the appropriate thing to do is to press the door button after you go in.  

In particular, it is dangerous to stand in the elevator door and block the door.Because the elevator is safe and the outside is safe.But you stand at the junction of these two Spaces, and if you say that this is the time to come, as the saying goes, this person will be cut.So this is a very dangerous position, not to be stopped at this junction

6.Some companies are not allowed to use a freight elevator as a passenger ladder.

The difference between a freight elevator and a passenger elevator is its decor, or its comfort level.Vibration and noise indicators do not require special requirements.There is also a kind of freight elevator, it is absolutely not to use the passenger elevator, it is a super area.Because sometimes the product in the factory is lighter, it wants the car to be bigger, so the car area is bigger than the standard after the approval of the relevant department.If such a elevator is used as passenger elevator, there will be an overload.

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