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Prospect Of Elevator Testing Equipment Industry
- Feb 02, 2018 -

With the improvement of elevator safety requirements in our country, the requirements for elevator safety inspection and detection also increase. Elevator manufacturers According to the front of the elevator industry production and marketing forecasts in the next few years, with the continuous promotion of China's infrastructure, elevator output will maintain steady growth, the new elevator will inevitably increase the demand for elevator safety testing. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of elevator safety accidents has also greatly promoted the government and society's attention to the safety of elevators. For example, the Ministry of Railways issued the "Immediate Notice on Carrying Out the Special Inspection of Elevator Safety Now," requiring the railway administrations to supervise the railway stations Of public places escalators and vertical elevators to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, and actively eliminate hidden dangers to ensure the safety of elevators.

Elevator safety will be the focus of the future industry, especially in recent years, there has been an increase in elevator accidents, elevator failure is the most important elevator safety accidents. In the early 1980s, elevator manufacturers designed the relevant monitoring system for elevators. However, the detection system was limited to the building where the elevator was located, and was generally responsible for the security. Once the elevator was trapped, professionals were also advised to solve the problem, which greatly reduced Rescue efficiency. Remote monitoring system to solve this problem, remote monitoring system integrates communication, fault diagnosis, microprocessor as one, it can be transmitted through the local line of the elevator operation and fault information to the remote service center (ie, elevator remote monitoring and maintenance center) Make the maintenance staff aware of the elevator problem and deal with it. If the car is trapped in a floor due to a door failure, the remote service center may judge that the car door and the landing door are opened by the remote control mode after judging according to the fault condition.

The development of China's elevator industry has ushered in the key node of industrial restructuring, this adjustment is from the traditional manufacturing-oriented to service-oriented change. Internationally, 70% of the main business income comes from the elevator industry services, and our market is exactly the opposite, especially the domestic elevator brands, 70% of the revenue is still from the traditional manufacturing, showing an inverted triangle format, which On the one hand, with our long-term focus on the accumulated results of the manufacturing sector, on the other hand, it also shows that there is a big gap between China's elevator industry in terms of service capabilities and technical means and the international advanced level, and there is huge space in the post-elevator era. "

The so-called post-elevator era, is the elevator industry from traditional manufacturing products to services change; market from the traditional new elevator market to home improvement, renovation and other refined era of the emerging market after the change.

According to statistics, at present, in the renovation and renovation of old elevators and the addition of elevators in existing buildings, many cities in China have promulgated corresponding policies and actively promoted them. "With the increasing standard of living of people, there is a new demand for livable; the arrival of the" aging "society has made the trip a" pain point "and the development of science and technology has solved the technical obstacles that have all contributed to the installation of elevators and the like Of the market demand. "Elevator installation in some foreign countries have had successful experience in the country, China has more than 150,000 old cells in the building to be upgraded to improve the quality of living and renovation aspects of the urgent needs, including the old residential The problem of vertical transport has become a hot issue for people's livelihood and just needs.

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