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Safe Use Of Elevator
- Jun 05, 2018 -

1) When using the elevator, press the up direction button if you want to go upstairs, or the down direction button if you want to go downstairs.

2) After the elevator arrives at the floor, the passenger shall determine the running direction of the elevator and enter the car when it is determined that the running direction of the elevator is the same as the direction of the elevator.

3) The passenger can close the elevator door by pressing the "close button" on the operation panel of the elevator; the elevator door leaf will also be closed periodically and automatically. Passengers should not stay on the floor and the car seam to avoid being pinched.

4) After the passenger enters the car, determine the elevator stop floor by pressing the floor selection button. Passengers must not rely on the car door.

5) Elevators have a standard number of people to carry. When the personnel is overloaded, the alarm device in the elevator will give a voice prompt. At this time, the passengers should take the initiative to reduce the number of employees and exit the elevator.

6) When an abnormal phenomenon or fault occurs in the elevator, passengers should remain calm and call the inside of the car to call for help or wait for assistance. Do not slam the door yourself and try to escape from the car.

7) Keep the inside of the car clean, do not smoke inside the car and throw away waste.

8) Passengers must take care of the elevator facilities and must not accidentally press buttons and chaos doors.


The management personnel should strictly perform their job responsibilities and constantly check the operation of the elevators; they should also conduct regular maintenance inspections, regularly contact the elevators for maintenance and maintenance, make maintenance records, and handle faults and report them in a timely manner.

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