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Safety Escalator From Adult Education
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Many media have been emphasizing safety education for children on escalators, but they do not know that adults are the ones who really want to be educated. Many adults never hold the handrail when they take the escalator. Most of them stand in the middle of the escalator and play with their mobile phones. Even if they wear a long skirt and scarf, they will not tidy up before taking the escalator. They will let the scarf drag on the escalator until an accident happens. Even more, when taking the escalator, but also deliberately to touch the edge of the skirt and staircase crevices with their feet, we do not know that these bad habits will greatly hurt themselves, but also to the side of children in a period of ignorance is a bad example.

1, do not squeeze a few people on a ladder.

2, do not wear hole shoes, long skirts;

3. When taking an escalator, do not stick your head out of the escalator handrail to avoid being caught in the corner between the escalator and the building.

4.do not press the escalator emergency stop button at will.

5. Don't put the children on the children's car and push them onto the escalator. Instead, hold the children and hold the children's car in hand. You must have more than two family members to accompany you.

6. When you ride the escalator with your child, you should always keep an eye on every movement of your child.

7. the handrail must be clenched tightly.

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