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Safety Knowledge For Taking Escalators
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Take the escalator and pay attention to:

1. Do not use crutches, sticks, walkers, wheelchairs, or other wheeled carts.

2. Do not ride barefoot or swaying shoes with loose laces.

3. When wearing a long skirt or handcuffs items take the escalator, please pay attention to skirts and items, beware of being caught.


When entering the escalator,

1. Enter and leave steadily and steadily. If you have poor eyesight, you must be especially careful.

2. please pay attention to the width of the escalator, stand to the right, do not have to squash with others on a ladder.

3. Use hands to tighten children or hold small items that are easily dropped.

4. frail elderly or children must be supported and accompanied by healthy adults.


When taking the escalator,

1. Leave loose clothing away from the steps and sides.

2. Do not put handbags or pouches on the handrails.

3. When the escalator reaches the end of the escalator, be sure to focus on it.

4. Can not rely on the escalator side skirts.

5. Please do not use foot escalator end cap.

6. Do not stretch the side of the escalator to avoid hitting outside objects.

7. Because the height of the steps is not designed for walking, please do not walk or run on the ladder. So as not to increase the risk of falling or falling off the escalator.


When leaving the escalator,

1. look at the edge, one step out of the elevator.

2. After the ride is over, please quickly and steadily step out of the escalator and leave the escalator exit area. Do not stop talking or look around. Please take the initiative to allow the following passengers.


About emergency stop switch,

An emergency stop switch is provided at the exit of the escalator and is used only for emergency purposes. Do not press under normal circumstances.

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