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Smart Elevator
- May 15, 2018 -

In recent years, with the development of economy, the term “smart city” has been increasingly welcomed by the public. So what is a smart city? The "Smart City" is an important aspect of the "Smart City" strategy. "Smart Earth" needs smarter ways to change people's interactions through new generations of information technologies, improve real-time information processing capabilities and induction and responsiveness, enhance business agility and continuity, and promote the development of modern society.

Smart elevator


Closely related to the security of people and businesses, its safety performance is one of the focuses of the whole society. Traditional elevator remote monitoring systems have limited acquisition signals, slow transmission speeds, and poor real-time signal duties.

With the rapid development of modern sensor technology and network technology, one of the key industries of China's new generation technology - the Internet of Things industry has become one of the most competitive areas. With the increasing popularity of Internet of Things technology, advanced signal acquisition mode can collect more detailed elevator information data, excellent network platform, and ensure real-time reliable transmission of signals.

Since 2009, the use of the “Internet of Things” has begun to focus on the remote monitoring of Beijing elevators. It transmits the elevator's operating status, running floor, running direction, door machine status, power supply status, temperature and humidity, lighting, load and other information to the dynamic monitoring station. However, these remote monitoring are only used to solve the elevator operation status and elevator passenger elevator status, and cannot meet the overall safety monitoring of the elevator.

After the "Special Equipment Safety Law" was promulgated in 2014, China has paid more and more attention to the safety of special equipment. As we all know, in elevator inspections, including monthly inspections, inspections are performed twice a month, and inspection agencies regularly check (every year). Of course, it also includes supervision mechanisms for the use of units, maintenance units, and inspection agencies. But the most important part is the day-to-day checking of users responsible for construction. The implementation of elevator remote monitoring is mainly reflected in the elevator running status, which is equivalent to replacing part of the daily inspection.

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