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Solve The Elevator Of Air Conditioning
- May 30, 2018 -

First, more than ten years ago in the elevator, the elevator car was installed above the fan, some fans may not open, some years of disrepair, need maintenance, making passengers in the elevator car sultry hot; there are older Old elevators may have no ventilation equipment in the elevator car and need to be reinstalled. If maintenance is required, the property management department may be required to resolve it. If it needs to be re-installed, the required funds may be discussed by the owner management committee, or funded by the property management department or repair fund.

Second, even if the maintenance or installation of new ventilation equipment, but also to the professional elevator manufacturers to solve, do not arbitrarily change the elevator car structure and decoration. It is neither beautiful nor safe to install a ceiling fan in the elevator car.

Third, real estate developers in the development of real estate order elevators, take into account the needs of elevator ventilation and air conditioning, do not use the problem found after the remedial measures.

Finally, the composition of the elevator car, the elevator car is generally composed of elevator car frame, car bottom, car wall, car roof and other major components. The basic structure of elevators of all types is the same, and there will be certain differences in specific structures and shapes due to different uses. The car frame is the main load-carrying member of the car. It consists of an upright column, a bottom beam, an upper beam and a pull bar. The car body consists of a car floor, an elevator car wall, an elevator car top and the like. Car setup: General car is equipped with some or all of the following devices to operate the button operation box for the elevator; the car interior indicating board for the direction and position of the elevator; the bell for communication, telephone or intercom system; fan or Exhaust fans and other ventilation equipment; lighting equipment to ensure adequate lighting; marked with the lift's rated load, rated number of passengers and the name of the elevator manufacturer or the corresponding identification of the nameplate; power supply and with / without driver control key switch.

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