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Talk About Elevator To Avoid Homogenization
- Feb 02, 2018 -

That in recent years, China's elevator industry has developed rapidly. Domestic elevator business products in technology, performance, quality and foreign large enterprises almost simultaneously, compared with imported elevator has obvious advantages. China's elevator industry will become a global elevator manufacturing center like the textile, clothing, electronics, computer and other industries and will further absorb elevator production capacity in other parts of the world.

According to the data, when elevator ownership tends to be saturated, service-based income will form a major part of revenue. Green lifts, intelligent, informative and high-speed elevator will be the trend of product development.

At present, the phenomenon of homogeneity in the elevator industry has become increasingly evident, mainly due to the homogenization of technologies and the homogenization of marketing strategies, which has led to bottlenecks in the development of the elevator industry. For example, after a new energy-saving technology is applied by an elevator company, other enterprises will immediately follow suit, technology will not be innovated, and the industry will not be able to develop rapidly.

From the technical point of view, energy-saving technologies, control technology, safety technology and the application of new materials, will become the elevator business research direction. In response to the national energy-saving emission reduction policy, energy-saving products still occupy the market dominance. In addition, China is a populous country with increasingly precious land resources. In the future, the growth of high-rise buildings will accelerate and the demand for high-speed elevator will also increase. At present, an office building often needs to install several elevator. Therefore, achieving intelligent elevator and group control systems is also a technology that needs in-depth research by an enterprise. In the long run, there is still much room for growth in China's elevator market.

It is pointed out that our country is the largest elevator market in the world and the output of elevator is more than half of the total output in the world. At present, the elevator market is affected by many factors such as the increasing number of elevator, the aging population and the rise of Internet of Things technology. Ladder, smart elevator, renovation and other market segments become increasingly apparent. Sensitive topics such as elevator safety have also become a hot topic of concern to users.

Said that the situation of the elevator market has been closely linked with the development of the real estate and construction industries. After 2017, with the implementation of the supply-side structural reform and the de-stocking of real estate in the country, the growth of the elevator market will be slowed down by the real estate market. However, During the year, the real estate market will continue to be the main support for China's economic growth.

At the same time, affected by the policy promotion, the state pays more and more attention to people's livelihood projects. Relevant medical, health and cultural related projects are increasingly being put on the agenda, and purchasing of related ancillary equipment is indispensable. In recent years, the data also show that the policy of purchasing a large proportion of the elevator market, including not only elevator installation, more transformation of the old ladder, elevator maintenance and other projects. As one of the important measures for the country to increase social welfare and welfare development, Minsheng Project will become an important driving force for the development of elevator market with its supporting facilities elevator project.

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