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Talking About The Common Sense Of Elevator Procurement
- Aug 12, 2018 -

1; Customization of foundation pit and well

First of all, although elevators of the same weight, the size of the hoistway and the depth of the foundation pit are similar, there are still some differences between elevators of different brands. Therefore, when designing the design task book to the design institute, you should provide the design institute with all the elevator brands and elevator models that you want to use in the future, so that the design institute can design the brands that require the most wells and foundation pits according to these brands. Therefore, if you intervene from the beginning of the project construction, you must pay attention to the size of the foundation pit and the hoistway.

2; the choice of ladder speed

The ladder speed of common elevators is basically divided into: 1.0m/s, 1.5 m/s (1.6 m/s), 1.75 m/s (1.8 m/s), 2.0 m/s, 2.5 m/s, 3 m/s.

Wait, the higher the ladder speed, the more complicated the manufacturing process and the more expensive the elevator. Under normal circumstances, according to the fire regulations, within one minute, the elevator should complete the operation from the first floor to the top floor of the building. Therefore, calculate the speed of the ladder you need according to the height of the building. That is: If the height is 100m, then 100m/60s=1.667. In this case, the ladder speed of 1.75 m/s or 1.8 m/s can be used.

3; choice of load capacity

There is no calculation method for this. Generally, it is based on the flow of people. The house generally uses 800kg elevators. The public construction should use at least 1000kg. If you choose a smaller load elevator, you can choose the elevator decoration that looks like you want to expand the space.

4; material for hall door, door frame and car decoration

The materials of the hall door, door frame and car decoration are divided into high-to-low grades: etched steel plate, mirror steel plate, hairline steel plate and sprayed steel plate. The etched steel plate is based on the mirror steel plate or the hairline steel plate, and is etched with various patterns. This decoration is beautiful and gorgeous, and is generally suitable for medium-to-high-end commercial construction.

Mirror steel is cheaper than etched steel. It is also a mid- to high-end elevator decoration. It is made of polished stainless steel plates like mirrors. Such a decoration will increase the sense of space in the elevator, and at the same time enhance the practicality (in the face of beauty, but also can prevent the elevator satyr). However, the defect of the mirror steel plate is that the steel plate is very afraid of grinding due to the fine production. After a long time of use, the surface has many scratches and needs to be replaced, which increases the operating cost in the future.

Hairline stainless steel is a commonly used elevator decoration for high-end residential or low-grade public buildings. The shape of the hairline on the hairline stainless steel plate can be selected. The hairline steel plate looks a bit graded, but it is very durable and is used in many elevators.

The price of sprayed steel is the cheapest, and there are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. It is suitable for small-sized houses with a large number of young people, or for buildings with lower budgets. The top coat of sprayed steel is also very easy to wear and needs to be replaced regularly.

The interior and exterior decoration of the elevator provided by the elevator manufacturer is simple, artistic processing or luxury decoration (such as all marble veneers, retro armrests, mirrors, etc.), which requires special decoration and construction units to complete.

5; the choice of size door cover

As the name implies, the bigger the door, the more expensive it is. The so-called large door cover refers to the same material as the hall door, covering the entire wall thickness and outer edge of the hall door. For public buildings or houses with low grades, you can use the door cover on the first floor foyer and the small door cover on the other floors. If you want to decorate the luxury, you can also choose to provide the elevator manufacturer with a small door cover, and then decorate the door cover with other materials.

6; selection of traction machine (motor)

The traction machine is the heart of the entire elevator and the core product of every brand of elevator. The various parts of the elevator actually come from many manufacturers, but a good traction machine must be produced by the elevator manufacturer.

The recommended choice is: permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine. (The elevators that are slightly better now use this)

Advantages: low noise. Smooth and comfortable. Small size (saving machine room space). The most important: saving electricity. Save a considerable portion of operating expenses.

7; single control or group control

The group-controlled elevator can centrally manage the call ladder, saving electricity, and reducing the call panel outside the hall when the front-end investment is made. Under normal circumstances, the parallel passenger elevators in the same area can be group controlled and the freight elevators are single controlled. High-level or super high-level, can be divided into high and low area group control.

8; door machine system

The current mainstream door machine system is the inverter door machine system. Of course, the names of various brands are not the same, but they are basically the same. The most important thing to pay attention to in the procurement process is whether to choose the light curtain or the touch panel. (If you need a high level of security, regardless of the budget, the light curtain and the touchpad are safe to use)

First of all, what is the touchpad. The touch panel is between the elevator hall door and another protruding inner panel. If the touch panel is squeezed (clamped to the person) when the elevator is closed, the elevator hall door will automatically reopen. The touch panel was invented earlier, belonging to the old technology. The previous elevators used touch panels. The disadvantage is that there are some touch panels. If the strength is not adjusted, the clipper will be very painful.

The newer process of the light curtain compared to the touch panel is to release a number of infrared beams inside the hall door. If the beam on the left side of the door and the light beam on the right side of the door are not opposite, the hall door will remain open.

However, be careful when purchasing: the more light curtains, the safer, and of course the higher the price. When preparing the bidding documents, you should at least specify the minimum light curtain harness you need. .

9; Qualification permit for elevator production and installation and maintenance

First of all, the installation of the elevator has the qualifications issued by the competent construction department. However, in addition to this, the production of elevators requires: special equipment manufacturing license (issued by the State Quality Supervision Bureau), divided into ABC level 3, the detailed list attached to the certificate will be listed in detail, which is licensed for production. What is the maximum speed of the elevator type? Elevator installation and maintenance need qualification: special equipment installation and renovation maintenance permit, the issuing department is also the AQSIQ, also divided into ABC third. In addition, enterprises also need to have: safety production license (any unit of construction industry is essential), national industrial product production license, and so on.

In addition, elevators of the same brand may have many agents in the same city. When bidding, you need to indicate that you need: the manufacturer to bid in person, the regional agent to bid, or the agent with a single project authorization. If the scale is large or the project has a large impact, you can directly invite the manufacturer (you will definitely not come to buy one or two people), and there is also an agent who also acts on several brands at the same time, so it is also a matter of choice. But basically, manufacturers and big agents can get a lower price.

10; choice of commonly used functions

Get a sample or quote for each brand of elevator, there will be four or fifty functions. Of course, there are a lot of things to write very basic functions to make up the number, there are some gimmicks that claim to be exclusive features, here are some of the features I think should have.

10.1 Full load direct, overload protection, overload alarm, that is to say, when the elevator is fully loaded, it will not stop and go directly to the call station in the first hall. When the elevator is overloaded, the elevator will alarm and open the elevator door and no longer operate.

10.2 Reverse internal command automatic elimination function, wrong operation cancellation

10.3 Fault low-speed self-rescue operation, power failure emergency lighting function, power failure automatic leveling function are closely related to safety, it is recommended to choose.

10.4 disabled use, Braille button

10.5 The pre-opening function will open the inner door before arriving at the station, saving time.

10.6 Elevator lighting/ventilation automatic control function is not used in elevators with low frequency. It is recommended to choose these functions to save electricity.

10.7 Firefighter Operational Function At least one elevator in a high-rise building is a fire ladder.

10.8 Multi-party call, video cable reservation, telephone line reservation

This also involves safety. The tendering link should especially explain the construction interface. The elevator manufacturer is responsible for the location, and the weak electricity construction unit is responsible for the location to avoid contract disputes.

11; elevator offer

To indicate the speed of the ladder, load, decoration, function, equipment and accessories (including supply, transportation, packaging, insurance and random documents, etc.), installation, inspection, commissioning, maintenance of experimental equipment and special tools, hoistway scaffolding Fees, cattle legs or steel beam production and installation costs (the two are often forgotten, resulting in disputes afterwards), etc. In short, please consider the details, let the manufacturers report a closed fee.

In addition to these costs, a very important piece is to let the manufacturers report, they give free maintenance for several years, after the free maintenance period, the annual (all-inclusive, half-package, clearing) maintenance costs are For future selection.

The maintenance cost of the elevator is huge, and it must be negotiated in advance. Generally, when the new elevator is just used, there are fewer faults, and you can choose half pack or clear pack.

12; payment by elevator

The payment method can be proposed by the owner or the manufacturer can self-report. Under normal circumstances, most elevator manufacturers refuse to make advances. After the owner needs to pay a part of the advance payment, they will start to arrange production. Before the equipment leaves the factory, the owner needs to pay most of the balance. After the installation and acceptance is passed, pay the final payment. The higher the brand grade, the more demanding the payment conditions, the good elevators are almost paid for the equipment before leaving the factory, and the installation fee is paid after acceptance.

13; elevator brand

High-end elevator brands will emphasize how advanced their technology is. Domestic large elevator brands will emphasize that they use advanced technology of a high-end brand. The brand-name elevator brand will tell you what brand of elevator is similar, debugging is very important.

Choosing an elevator is mainly to choose the configuration and function of your building within your own budget.

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