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The Advantages Of Machine Roomless Elevators And Machine Room Elevators
- Jun 20, 2018 -

First, the advantages of machine-roomless elevators and organic room elevators

1. The advantage of the machine-room-less room is that it can save space and can only be a maintenance platform under the host.

2. Since there is no need for a computer room to have greater benefits to the building structure and cost, this allows the architect to have greater flexibility in design and convenience to give the designer more freedom and at the same time cancel the room to the owner. The cost of building a machine-room-less elevator is lower than that of an organic room elevator.

3. Due to the specificity of the overall design of some antique building buildings and the requirements for roofs, elevators must be solved within an effective height. Therefore, the machine-room-less elevators are very suitable for such buildings and need to be located in places with scenic spots because of the height of the machine room. To destroy the local ethnicity of the locality If you use a machine-room-less elevator, you do not need to set up the elevator's host room separately, which can effectively reduce the height of the building.

4. It is inconvenient to set up elevator room places such as hotels, hotel annex buildings, podiums, etc.

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