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The Biggest Misunderstanding Of Home Elevator Purchase
- Aug 29, 2018 -

The household elevator belongs to the super large mechanical equipment housed at home. Once installed, we will live together with our family for 20 years, 30 years and 50 years. Home elevators belong to the "big thing", before buying, must have a basic understanding of the industry and products. The more you know, the deeper you will be, and the less you pick up the product.

"Household elevator is to reduce the size of commercial elevator in public places". Is that what it is? Is reducing the size of a large commercial elevator the home elevator we want? That's easy?

Certainly not! This is the biggest misunderstanding when we buy Household elevators. Elevator is a big industry, household and business are two subdivision areas. Like central air-conditioning, it is divided into household and commercial. There are very significant differences and differences between home elevator technology and business. For example, the household elevator attaches great importance to the utilization rate of the shaft, the lower the utilization rate of the shaft (like the rate of housing), the smaller the car area, the greater the waste of space. Domestic elevator has little requirement for civil construction, and commercial requirements for civil engineering are high. The two specific comparisons are shown below.

20160409114503_13485 (1).jpg

From the above comparison, we can see very clearly that household elevators are by no means easy to reduce the size of large commercial elevators. Even narrowing is limited. If the reserved space at home is small, such as a square meter or so, large commercial elevator manufacturers, simply can not do. Compared with the commercial elevator, the domestic elevator market is too small, manufacturing costs are high, so large commercial elevator manufacturers are not willing to spend energy to do, just "do it by the way". If the size does not meet the requirements, they will be "too small to do" and give up, or let you remove part of the stairs, larger space, which in turn increases our costs.

Therefore, ordering household elevators is not to find a famous, large-scale commercial elevator brand, but to find professional household elevator companies. Professional brand, dedicated to concentrate on doing, not only products are more suitable for families, and services are also very perfect. For big brands, even if we buy 10 elevators at home is a small customer, but for professional brands, buy an elevator is a big customer, VIP customers!

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