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The Composition Of Elevator Fire Rated Doors
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The composition of elevator fire rated doors includes: fire door devices, fire door panels, fire door covers, fire protection ridges, etc.; its main door opening methods are mainly: mid-point, side-by-side bi-fold, middle-point bi-fold, etc. The most common is the middle Fractional, open door width is 700~1100mm, door opening height is 2000~2400mm.

According to GB7588-2003 general provisions of the landing door: the entrance to the shaft of the car should be installed in the hole opening without holes, the door is closed, the gap between the doors and doors and columns, doors and ridges as small as possible. For passenger elevators, this clearance must not exceed 6mm. For cargo elevators, this clearance must not exceed 8mm.

Due to wear, the clearance value is allowed to reach 10 mm, and if there is a recess, the gap is measured from the bottom of the recess. In accordance with the requirements of national standards, in addition to the functions of ordinary doors, elevator fire rated doors also have a vital role in preventing the spread of floor fires through the lift shaft. As a tool for daily residents to go upstairs and downstairs, the safety performance of elevators is of utmost importance. 

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