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The Development Of Elevator Changes With The Environment
- Feb 02, 2018 -

No matter how big the business development will face the bottleneck, the elevator manufacturers as well, this bottleneck may be caused by its own factors, may be caused by the market environment, may also be excessive business overcapacity, these are the elevator industry to face problems. Elevator industry development is to follow the environmental change, not with the market in time, then you can not understand the needs of consumers now, will be eliminated by the market; Ebb Tide, Amoy out of not only the sand there are also gold, All that is left is gold and sand.

Enterprises identify itself in the market positioning, that product innovation for enterprise production and marketing advantages are pivotal, but this is far from enough, the elevator industry is difficult to achieve the positioning of the market to win, have to firmly grasp Dynamic competitors, to seize the initiative.

Elevator industry to determine their own positioning

You can save time to market, and you can find the right dealer for the fastest possible virtuous cycle of sales. If the elevator brand positioning is in the high-end consumers, then in the local high-end market to visit agents; other low-end market very few people dare to do high-end positioning of the brand, if the elevator brands are removed in the low-end market, then Hard to have greater development, when you want to change for a better agent, the final low-end market due to the early price agents operating too low, leaving the agents in the high-end market are not willing to take over the situation.

Light positioning difficult to compete the market

In the current era of a prosperous market economy, the problems of over-supply and saturation of supply and demand have become increasingly serious. As long as you can imagine the goods and daily necessities, there are hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of enterprises in the production and competition. Elevator industry is no exception, all sizes of the brand on the market dazzling array of ideas for their own businesses based on the high position, then the elevator industry the new year there will be surprises surprise.

Homogenization of the market, fierce competition, reduced profits is nowadays elevator industry and commodities are now facing the common problems. Consumers are no longer "lack of what" problem, but "what to choose", "choose which" issue. Third-rate business selling products, second-rate business selling standards, first-class business selling models, Niubi planning are to help businesses create successful, replicable business model, relying solely on a so-called successful positioning is difficult to win the market.

Contrast the pros and cons of peers, familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of themselves and their competitors

Of course, product knowledge is important for salespeople. In the face of potential agents, the elevator industry must of course have strong analytical capabilities for its own products, be able to clearly state its own product advantages, and highlight advantages to hide disadvantages. A good elevator industry shrewd, but know ourselves, know yourself. We also need to understand the competitive advantage, what is the disadvantage, you have to find out his advantage "firepower", you have the opportunity to think of ways to suppress him.

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