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The Elevator Can't Be Too Fast, And The Car Can't Be Too Big
- Aug 29, 2018 -

The elevator can't be too fast and the car can't be too big. <<GBT 21739-2008 specifications for manufacture and installation of domestic elevators are required as follows:

What architecture can be installed? It can be a private house or a public building but only accessible to a single household.

Speed: The rated speed of the household elevator with car door should not be greater than 0.4m/s, and the rated speed of the household elevator without car door should be less than 0.3m/s.

Floor Height: The vertical running distance of household elevator should not be greater than 12m (that is, the value of total shaft height - top floor height - bottom pit depth < 12m, generally not more than five stories).

Load: the total carrying capacity is not more than 400kg, and the carrying capacity of the unit area is not less than 250kg/. Three conventional methods: 250kg, 320kg, 400kg

The total area of the car should not exceed 1.6

Car height: Car and hall door height requirements can not be less than 2000 mm, less than 2000 mm should be set up when the entry and exit warning signs, but the minimum can not be less than 1500 mm

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