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The Function And Use Of Various Buttons In The Elevator
- May 10, 2018 -

The layer selection button is used to select the destination floor. When the passenger enters the elevator car, he should press the button of the destination floor to select the floor. The indicator light in the button lights up to prove that the floor has been registered and that the selection is successful. After the elevator closes the door, the same direction of operation will stop in order.

Open the door button At present, the elevator is generally equipped with a power-driven automatic door. The door open button is used to open the door of the elevator automatic door. When the passenger is inside the car and the elevator door is being closed automatically, if there are still passengers outside the car who are ready to enter the car, the door opening button can be pressed to open the elevator door automatically. When the elevator door is completely closed and the elevator has not yet started running, pressing the door opening button can also enable the elevator door to automatically open again.elevator.png

The door close button is used to operate the elevator doors automatically close the button. When all passengers fully enter the car and the elevator light curtain or security touch panel is not blocked, the elevator doors will automatically close after a preset period of time. In order to improve the efficiency of elevator use, passengers can automatically close the elevator door by pressing the close button.

The bell button, when the passenger is trapped in the car, can alert the duty room and/or the engine room by pressing the bell button to get timely rescue.

The intercom button, when the passenger is trapped in the car, can talk with the duty room and/or the engine room by pressing the intercom button. After the intercom button is pressed once, after the other party connects the intercom device, a long-distance conversation between the two parties can be realized. When the call is interrupted, the button can be pressed again to continue the request.

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