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The Industrial Structure Of The Elevator Industry Needs To Be Adjusted Urgently
- Feb 02, 2018 -

In 2016, the number of elevators in China has reached the scale of 5 million units, and this year's holdings will surpass 5.6 million units in one fell swoop. Larger elevator ownership and sustained growth in production and sales for China's elevator manufacturing enterprises to provide a broad service market space. At present, the self-maintenance rate of elevator manufacturers in our country is generally at a relatively low level. The strategic layout of the elevator service market in advance will create a greater competitive advantage for the future of the enterprise.

As a senior expert in the elevator industry, elevator manufacturers told us that "the characteristics of this product is lifelong lift can not be separated from the service, the current provisions of routine maintenance and maintenance generally takes 15 days.At the same time, the lift has a very close relationship with the National People's Livelihood is an involved Public safety products, its follow-up service market is very huge.Our country elevator maintenance and installation personnel has always been a big gap, this phenomenon is a long time ago.We originally have been mainly manufacturing, supplemented by the service industry Now, with the increasing number of holdings, it is necessary to make the transition to both manufacturing and service industries. In the future, it will also make a transition to a service-oriented and manufacturing-supplemented business. "

According to the statistics of the China Elevator Association, the number of new elevators in our country is about 600,000 each year. However, at present, the per capita amount of maintenance in China is still at a lower level. According to the average per capita maintenance of about 30 elevators, 20,000 New staff to enrich this team. This market is very huge, "Luban Cup" the first lift installation and maintenance workers occupational skills competition held to speed up the training of personnel, and promote the healthy development of the industry. Elevator manufacturers hope to "create a social atmosphere that emphasizes skills and respects skilled personnel through competition, arouse the enthusiasm of technicians in elevator industry to study technology, study the problem of lacking of qualified personnel, arouse the concern of the whole society on the safety of elevators, and enhance the employees' Pride, this is also the significance of this event. "

Why elevator manufacturers manufacturers of elevator environmental standards so high?

First of all, the elevator manufacturers manufacturers among the elevator, he is in the process of making elevator, using a very advanced international production technology. Therefore, elevator manufacturers manufacturers in the elevator production, you can use the raw materials is very demanding. And elevator manufacturers manufacturers for raw materials in the selection process, the choice of the standard itself is relatively high, so they are more mature in the elevator technology, raw materials is relatively good, the overall standard of the elevator has naturally been a certain degree of environmental protection . Therefore, elevator manufacturers and manufacturers of elevator environmental standards correspondingly is relatively high.

Secondly, when we are making the choice of elevator manufacturers' products, why they can be called elevator manufacturers because they are higher in position than their counterparts for the elevators they produce. Although their sales price is not cheap, but because elevator manufacturers factory elevator quality is very good, so he can be discharged into the elevator, so in the elevator environmental level, there will be more stringent than the more stringent requirements of peers.

Because of this, if we want to buy a green elevator, choose the elevator manufacturer, it is certainly suitable for you, we can safely buy and use the elevator manufacturers elevator manufacturers.

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