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The Knowledge Of Going To Work By Elevator
- Jul 25, 2018 -

T.J. Crawford, a spokesman for Bank of America, said that the bank did not use the function of split elevators. He said that the building has exclusive floors for executives, but there is no exclusive elevator. Both the company leader and the person who delivered the courier can take the same elevator.

 The Curtis Center in Philadelphia's business district has a total of 13 floors. Its elevator control system has been designed so that if the top management wants to see them when certain employees come to work, they can give instructions to the computer. When employees call the elevator in the lobby, they will be sent directly to the boss's floor.

 Landis said that we can group people in the elevator and make the elevator more like a luxury car.

 This situation does not help social anxiety: Will it be impolite to stare at your BlackBerry in an elevator? If you show yourself to the boss in the elevator, will colleagues smirk? Do you want to maximize your time with your boss by adding more floors?

 Andy Dunn, the chief executive of New York outfit Bonobos.com, recently chatted with a colleague in the company elevator. When he noticed that everyone in the elevator was immersed in his iPhone, he couldn't help but silence. He said that what I felt at the time was, er, we influenced those who watched the phone.

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