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The Main Features Of The Development Of The Home Elevator
- Feb 02, 2018 -

At present, China has become the country with the largest home elevator ownership in the world. As of the end of 2017, the total number of home elevators in China is about 4.6741 million units. Although China has a large number of home elevators, the per capita possession is only 1/3 of the world average, 1 / 10-1 / 20 of the developed countries. The market in China is far from saturated. It is estimated that the number of home elevators in China will reach 8 million in the future Taiwan or so.

It pointed out that the rapid development of the home elevator industry has led to the prosperity of the accessory parts enterprises. The production scale of the domestic accessory enterprises has continued to expand. The technology and quality of many parts have taken the lead in the world, especially in medium-low-speed home elevators and elevating heights of 10 meters Of the escalator area, supporting the basic domestic parts for production.

The demand for a new generation of green home elevators, energy-saving home elevators and intelligent home elevators in the market is becoming more and more prosperous. The home elevator requires energy conservation, oil pollution reduction, strong electromagnetic compatibility, low noise, long life, green decoration materials and coordination with buildings. Some even envisaged the use of solar energy in the engine room at the top of the building as an home elevator-powered supplementary energy source. The next period of time "green energy" and "safety" will become the home elevator industry's two key words.

As we all know, with the advantages of low energy consumption, energy-saving and high efficiency, fast speed, greatly boosting the real estate to the direction of the super-high-rise, has become one of the essential real estate. Visible, real estate consumer market demand for the home elevator products.

In addition, the urbanization process in 2018 will continue to accelerate and the macro-control of the property market will be strengthened. At the same time, based on the slowdown of the domestic economy, the industry believes that although the home elevator industry as a whole has a good trend of development, the market in first-tier cities will still be greatly affected by the changes in the economic situation. However, the development of urbanization further expands the demand for home elevator products in the second and third tier cities and provides the home elevator industry with more market space.

Urban market is a new opportunity for home elevator enterprises, enterprises should actively adjust the strategy, optimize product quality, enhance brand value, in order to better prepare for the development of urban markets.

With the acceleration of the process of urbanization, China's real estate industry has undergone tremendous changes. As a result, it has also become the country with the largest number of home elevators in the world. Nowadays, as the property market changes, the home elevator industry has become inevitable , But in the end how to break through to become the key.

With the continuous economic development in our country and rapid urbanization, the investment in residential buildings is also on the increase, and the demand for home elevator fittings in the domestic market is steadily increasing. At the same time, the domestic market of home elevator renovation, renovation and maintenance is also gradually expanding, and its potential market capacity will continue to increase.

Due to the great demand of home elevator market in our country and the relatively low labor cost, most of the world's leading home elevator machine manufacturers have set up factories domestically through sole proprietorship or joint venture. According to the statistics of China home elevator Association, in 2017, the global home elevator production and sales volume was about 810,000 units and the home elevator ownership volume reached 13,540,000 units while China sold about 650,000 home elevators, of which 78,000 were exported. In the global home elevator demand , China's home elevator production and sales accounted for 80.24% of the world, and the number of exports accounted for 9.63% of global demand. The gradual shift of the global home elevator manufacturing industry to China brings great opportunities for the development of domestic home elevator parts manufacturers. On the one hand, it can cooperate with the domestic factories of foreign brand home elevator machine manufacturers on the one hand, and increase its access to the global supply of global suppliers Chain system of opportunity.

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