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The New Caplift Elevator
- May 30, 2018 -

In recent years, duplex units have begun to approach the public's attention. Due to restrictions on the premises within the house, people can only use the stairs up and down to give the elderly, children and other special people at home, causing a lot of inconvenience. The Caplift elevator gives people more choices. It not only helps your way of doing things, it also promotes a beautiful attitude towards life.


The Caplift elevator does not require a hoistway, pit, and engine room. It covers an area of less than 1 square meter and can be placed anywhere in a corner, hall, or room according to actual needs. When the elevator is running, it is only 600W. The standby power consumption is only equivalent to the working state of a TV set-top box. It can share the rated voltage of 220V with household appliances. The Caplift lift is actually a household appliance in people's lives.

Digital docking technology, excellent noise reduction technology, ultra-low electromagnetic radiation design, humanized touch panel design, 180-degree three-sided sightseeing car, multi-angle door opening, smart home touch remote control switch, to provide people with more convenient life . In the 3D matrix scanning system, once obstacles are found in the running channel, the elevator automatically stops the elevator and creates a warm and safe home environment for the children.

Modular car design, installation only takes 2 days, and does not destroy the original home decoration, a variety of car design, can be integrated with the original home improvement style. The Caplift elevator allows you to enjoy a large level of life.

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