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The Process Of Fault Of Elevator
- Jun 28, 2018 -

First, elevator fault response method

When the elevator fails, the elevator power should be cut off first. In order to allow the elevator to be re-run as soon as possible, the elevator administrator should report the fault to the professional maintenance personnel in a timely and detailed manner. 

Second, simple fault diagnosis

Administrators can eliminate some simple faults.

1. When the elevator door is not closed, check whether the switch setting position in the switch box is normal.

2. When the elevator door cannot be completely closed, check whether there are any faults in the door pocket.

3. Check if there is any obstruction in the elevator, such as the obstruction of the closing of the door by the sundries, and the forced contact plate of the car door being forced to move.

Third, passengers are locked in the car

1, call the maintenance staff. The administrator should do his best to eliminate the passenger's nervousness; call the passengers until the maintenance personnel arrive at the scene; tell the passengers that the car is safe and do not try to escape the car by himself.

2. Do not try to forcefully release passengers.

3. If there are indeed elevator management personnel who have been trained, rescue the trapped passengers according to the "trapped rescue law" under the conditions of ensuring safety.

Fourth, guard against accidents

1, when the power outage. Tell the passengers the actual situation of power outage, and advise the passengers not to attempt to escape the car (the auxiliary lights in the car will automatically illuminate). After the power is restored, the car will start as soon as the floor button in the car or hallway is pressed.

2, when a flood occurs. The elevator should be deactivated and action taken to block the flow of water into the elevator. Before the elevator is re-run, it is necessary to contact an elevator maintenance person to check it.

3, in the event of a fire. Guide all passengers to leave the elevator to a safe place. After confirming that no one is in the car, switch off the elevator's power switch. In the event of a fire, no one other than the firefighters performing the rescue mission is allowed to use the elevator to escape.

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