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Top Ten Tips For Elevator Maintenance
- Jul 27, 2018 -

One: look - Every day, work begins to look around for abnormalities.

 Two: listen - Every day work begins to hear if there is an abnormal sound.

 Three: Sniffing - work every day to start sniffing if there is an unusual taste.

 Four: lubricating oil - sliding contact parts are often lubricated to prevent friction from increasing and damaging components.

 Five: Positioning - Stationary and stable repairmen and operators, because they have found out the temperament of the elevator under their jurisdiction.

 Six:regular maintenance - find problems immediately repair. As the saying goes, small holes do not make up, and big holes endure hardships. To eliminate hidden dangers before they happen.

 Seven:Small fire extinguishers should be provided inside the ladder to prevent fire.

 Eight: Emergency alarm devices should be installed inside the ladder to prevent accidents.

 Nine: It is forbidden to ignite and smoke inside the staircase.

 Ten:Conduct safety education, supervision and inspection frequently. To form a system

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