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Types And Choices Of Sightseeing Elevators
- Jul 26, 2018 -

In the traditional sightseeing elevator selection, we know that semicircular and diamond shapes are the choice of sightseeing elevators. Now the choice of sightseeing elevators is no longer limited.

At present, there are single-plan sightseeing, right-angle plane sightseeing, three-plane sightseeing and four-way transparent sightseeing, fan-shaped sightseeing, semi-circular sightseeing, and 360-degree full-circle sightseeing. Moreover, general residential elevators or passenger elevators can be ordered directly for single plane or right angle sightseeing.

It is understood that the current use of the machine room in the sightseeing elevator has occupied 60%, because the machine room sightseeing elevator can have more choices of sightseeing forms, like the 360-degree panoramic view chosen by Beijing Chinatown is the use of the machine room form. There is a double fan-shaped sightseeing in Xiamen, which is very beautiful.

To this end, our designers and developers should consider how to choose a sightseeing elevator from the individualization of their own buildings, and also need to consider the comprehensive cost to get the best products and the best results with the least funds.


The choice of single-plan sightseeing for some residential buildings is considered to be a very beneficial way to improve the quality and value of the home. For hotels and shopping malls, the use of a double-sector sightseeing elevator may have a unique effect.

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