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Under What Circumstances Should Not Take The Elevator?
- Sep 17, 2018 -

If the elevator appears to be defective, there will be many slim differences, such as the elevator door does not close, the elevator runs in the process of abnormal sound, if encountered in the following circumstances, should be cautious in the elevator.

1, the elevator door is open without reason.

Normally the elevator door is closed. If you find the elevator door is always open when you take the elevator, you should take it with caution. The elevator may be in trouble.

2, the elevator has abnormal sound.

When taking an elevator, if there is a scratching sound or a dripping alarm, then such an elevator should not go in.

3, the operation of the elevator is not stable.

The elevator runs smoothly under normal conditions, and the speed is uniform. If the elevator runs fast and slowly, it needs extra attention.

4, car sinking

The elevator car is normally parallel to the floor, and if it is not, the error will not be too great. If the car sinks severely, then the elevator is mostly aging or presents other problems, to pay special attention.

5, elevator button failure

Sometimes the elevator buttons become insensitive, or even when pressed do not work, then this time it is necessary to use the elevator steadily, in case the situation trapped in the elevator occurs.

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