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What Automatic Moving Walkway Can Be Classified According To The Classification Of Handrails?
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Automatic Moving Walkway decoration according to armrest decoration

1) All-transparent type: refers to the Automatic Moving Walkway made of All-transparent glass with armrest panels, which can be further divided into curved glass type and planar glass type according to the shape of the panels.

2) Opacity: refers to the Automatic Moving Walkway made of opaque metal or other materials for the handrail panel. Because the armrest belt bracket is fixed on the upper part of the wall guard plate and the armrest belt circulates on the guide rail of the armrest support, the stability of the opaque type is better than that of the fully transparent type. It is mainly used for automatic pedestrian walkways, such as subway, station and wharf.

3) Translucent type: refers to the handrail panel is translucent, such as the use of translucent glass and other materials handrail panel.

As far as armrest decoration is concerned, All-transparent glass panels have certain strength, and their thickness should not be less than 6 mm. In addition, All-transparent glass panels have better decorative effect, so the panels are made of flat panels of All-transparent glass for the majority of the Automatic Moving Walkway.

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