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What Is The Principle Of Elevator Monitoring System?
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Elevator monitoring system requires not only to monitor elevator status but also to complete daily management. The function of the module can be divided into: elevator status in case of failure; data collection of each working cycle; daily management information. There is a large amount of information to be monitored during the operation of the elevator, which can be roughly classified as follows: opening limit switch, closing limit switch, safety contact plate, light screen protection, hall door lock circuit, sedan door lock circuit, safety circuit, emergency stop circuit, limit switch, limit switch state, driving information, information of the elevator, position information of the calling elevator, lock state; Time, frequency, annual inspection time, maintenance history and so on.

The monitoring of elevators can provide a clear view of faults. As we all know, the door system is the elevator fault-prone parts, elevator failure before parking there will always be some minor failures frequently occur, but these minor failures are often ignored, because they will not cause the elevator to stop. Taking the improper adjustment of hall door lock and knife clearance as an example, when the load is not uniform, the collision between the knife and the opening wheel may occur, which may cause the elevator to stop suddenly. But because of the self-tuning function of the elevator, the elevator will automatically return to normal within a few minutes. Ladder, but with the accumulation of small faults will eventually lead to major faults and even the accident monitoring system will not miss these faults, and even can locate the fault floor to save maintenance personnel to find the fault point of time "in the event of a fault, the collection of all kinds of information will be conducive to fault diagnosis and accident prevention" as long as targeted Sexual settings, all the required information can be collected.

For the statistical content required by managers, the monitoring system can collect different data in different categories. For example, the operation state of elevator is judged mainly by the failure rate. The failure rate is usually calculated by the number of faults occurring in a period of operation cycle. The operation times and running time of elevators in different buildings and different uses vary greatly. It is difficult to use the failure rate as the basis for evaluating the operation state of elevator and to use the running time or Measured by the number of faults in the running times, it can complete the judgment of the running state. "The monitoring system can accurately count the working time and running times of the elevator, so it is much easier to solve this problem. Daily management information includes annual inspection time, maintenance costs, accessories use, etc. "The above information is very easy to collect and transmit in a control unit-based system. Some of them are yes/off, and some are internal variables that control programs use to calculate and compare. As long as a simple specific module is installed, the network function can be used to complete the collection and transmission of field data.

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