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What Should Pay Attention To When Choosing A Sightseeing Elevator?
- Jun 01, 2018 -

For novices who have never been in contact with the elevator industry, it is undoubtedly difficult to choose a good sightseeing elevator brand, especially one that suits their own price, and it is likely to take a lot of detours halfway. What are the points to pay attention to when choosing a sightseeing elevator?

1. Security

The safety of sightseeing elevators was considered by the Chinese government in 2003 as the main basis for the reorganization of elevator companies. Therefore, the safety of the elevator must be understood when selecting the elevator. The current selection of elevators must comply with the regulations that the area of the elevator car cannot exceed the standard. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the main components such as the safety gear and speed limiter of the elevator and the treatment when there is a fault.

2. Functionality

The function of the sightseeing elevator needs to be understood when selecting the elevator. In general, when signing an order contract, it is hoped that the supplier will provide the necessary functional descriptions to benefit the elevator selection. Of course, there are more aspects to consider when choosing an elevator, such as environmental protection, energy conservation, and branding.

3. Appearance

The beauty of a sightseeing elevator is very important, but the beauty is not luxurious. When choosing the decoration of the villa elevator, you can choose different decoration according to your home decoration; if the hotel should be based on luxury; if it is a restaurant, you can consider some of the different decorations up and down; food, health units You can choose neat decor.

4. Technical

In the case of a large number of supply companies, sightseeing elevators need to consider choosing from a technical perspective. If the technology is backward, the life of the product may be relatively short, and the maintenance parts may not be guaranteed, and the technicality must also take into account the relationship between the building structure and the elevator technology.

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